Judging by the plentiful hugs and smiles experienced as the 2015 reunion attendees were parting and heading home, the event was a wonderful success. About seventy “cousins” of every age, from infant through golden years, assembled for a full day of engaging events on July 25th at a fine and comfortable church camp in Exeter, Rhode Island.

Not only all ages, but attendees of every stripe and persuasion arrived by plane, train and automobile from every US geographic region, truly nationwide in scope. We enjoyed our multicultural mix!

And here’s a scoop: it’s been confirmed that the 2018 Lillibridge reunion will be held in San Antonio, Texas. More details about location, lodging and events will, of course, be made available closer to the event.

Genealogy Wall Chart

Lillibridge Genealogy

2015 Reunion Update by John Lillibridge:   A cornerstone of our family gatherings is genealogical research and publications, along with an extensive database created over the past 30 years, by our primary historians John Lillibridge and Lu Knutson.  Though Lu couldn’t make it, John regaled reunion attendees with stories of the very early days. The “founding … Continue reading Lillibridge Genealogy

Lillibridge Ancestral Cemetery

Ancestral Cemetery

2015 Reunion Update by Dick Hutchins: One of the true highlights of this reunion, and the primary reason for its location, was the tour of the Lillibridge historical cemetery in the town of Richmond.  It contains 15 grave sites for Thomas the First and his immediate family in a rock-fenced yard about the area of … Continue reading Ancestral Cemetery

Savannah Mausoleum

Savannah Mausoleum

2015 Reunion Update with Dave Dick: Continuing the theme of ancestral resting places was Dave Dick, who presented a detailed update on the Lillibridge/Farrell mausoleum in Savannah, Georgia. Early genealogical records show that many Lillibridges moved from the northeastern colonies to the south, including Savannah, during the Revolutionary War.  This included Hampton Lillibridge, one of … Continue reading Savannah Mausoleum

Hosea Lillibridge homestead 1891

Family Stories

The following stories are excerpted from The Lillibridges of the World genealogy, compiled by Donna E. Lillibridge and John L. Lillibridge, and published in 1994.  It’s a 2-1/2 inch bound book accompanied by at least two supplements and features a rich history of the Lillibridge family in full genealogical detail with photographs.  John is currently requesting … Continue reading Family Stories

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