Here are a few helpful contacts should you want to reach out for more information on the Lillibridge family, genealogy and reunion events.

2018 Reunion Hosts

For up-to-date information on the 2018 Lillibridge Family Reunion, please contact the event organizers:

Janis Maynard at

Ina Schafer at

2015 Reunion Hosts

If you attended the 2015 reunion in Rhode Island and would like to follow up with the event organizers, please contact:

Dick Hutchins at

Michael Wagner at

Lillibridge National Mailing List

If you’d like to be included in future notifications of Lillibridge national reunions as well as genealogy information, please email John Lillibridge at

Lillibridge Family Genealogy

An extensive and comprehensive compilation of Lillibridge genealogy is available in three books of illustrated Lillibridge history, reaching back to the late 1600s in Rhode Island.  For further information in obtaining this genealogical treasure trove in printed form, please email John Lillibridge at

4 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Nicci & Terry Clark says:

    Hi Just wondering if you know where the next reunion might be. How often are they held? Thanks, Terry and Nicci Clark Broomfield, CO

    • National Lillibridge Reunions says:

      Hi, Nicci and Terry. Sorry to be so late in replying. Reunions are held every three years. This year’s was in Rhode Island and the next one is planned for San Antonio in 2018. We’re currently updating the website – new info to come. — Glenn

  2. Anita Kowal says:

    Are your related to the “lillibridges” that had a resort at West Loon Lake, Vergas Minnesota? Charles and Alvina?? My Aunt has a resort – Camp Idlewile – her name – Lillian Hirsh.

    I was going through some stuff and found a brochure for Lillibridge’s Maple Beach Resort.

    Just wondering . . .

    • National Lillibridge Reunions says:

      Hi, Anita. Yes, the Lillibridges in Vergas are part of the larger Lillibridge family and they know John Lillibridge, the family historian at the reunions. We visited them this summer (my wife’s maiden name is Patti Lillibridge). Stay in touch! — Glenn Flekke

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