Lillibridge Genealogy

2015 Reunion Update by John Lillibridge:

A cornerstone of our family gatherings is genealogical research and publications, along with an extensive database created over the past 30 years, by our primary historians John Lillibridge and Lu Knutson.  Though Lu couldn’t make it, John regaled reunion attendees with stories of the very early days.

The “founding father” of the Lillibridge clan is Thomas Lillibridge “The First” (as he is often called) with earliest records from 1699 in Rhode Island.  An even earlier reference tells of a Miles Lillibridge born in 1599, who died in infancy, but Thomas is the first known family member to provide heirs.  Succeeding years found Lillibridges, with subtle variations in spelling, in various family branches across many English-speaking countries, spanning eras from our Revolutionary and Civil Wars through today.

John shared that there are over 48,000 entries in the current family genealogy database, including spouses and relatives bearing other surnames.

The current genealogy follows on the heels of an earlier work by Joel Eno, printed in 1915 and called “The Lillibridge Family and its Branches in the United States,” with about 2000 entries.  We’ve posted a PDF download here.  John and Lu’s most recent genealogy is far larger, and spans one main volume and three supplements.  Copies provided at the reunion were snapped up quickly, but additional copies are available for purchase by contacting John.

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