Savannah Mausoleum

2015 Reunion Update with Dave Dick:

Lillibridge Farrell MausoleumContinuing the theme of ancestral resting places was Dave Dick, who presented a detailed update on the Lillibridge/Farrell mausoleum in Savannah, Georgia.

Early genealogical records show that many Lillibridges moved from the northeastern colonies to the south, including Savannah, during the Revolutionary War.  This included Hampton Lillibridge, one of Thomas the First’s grandsons, who owned a number of plantations in the Savannah area.  After Hampton’s passing in 1801, Oliver Lillibridge carried on the business and bought land in what was to become Laurel Grove Cemetery.  He started the mausoleum in the mid 1800s.  It’s still in its original condition, with no intervening restoration, save for the cemetery’s standard lawn care.

Dave has created a complete condition assessment of the site along with recommendations for the restoration of the mausoleum, the most dire being the parapet and roof, both of which are in danger of falling – stabilization is the first priority.  It’s a beautiful structure in the Greek revival style common in the mid 19th century, with the oldest plaque dating from 1836 for John. O. H. Lillibridge.  As a Lillibridge cousin, Dave approached our reunion group to ask for restoration funding and received a welcome response.

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